Social insurance office mailing – what should I do?

Have you received similar mailing from Social insurance office and wondering what it is about?


If you were employed in Slovakia in 2015, you might have received this mail from Social office. If might look scary and confusing but it is quite simple.

Social office is notifying you about your salaries in 2015 and days of employment per employer. They are basically asking you to check if you have the same gross salaries in their system as on your payslips. This is mostly done to avoid the situation that your employer is claiming lower salary in the insurance offices that you are actually having and then the insurance payments are lower than they are supposed to be. This might cause lower sick leave, maternity and eventual pension fund payments, in the future, which are all based on your gross salary.


If the salaries match your actual income, no action from your side is necessary.

If you find discrepancy you should contact Social insurance. I would also recommend to check with your employer before, as the calculation of gross salary can vary, especially if you were sick or on maternity leave.


Note: The dates and salaries on the second page of the mail are reflecting calendar days when you were employed, except days of sickness or maternity leave.

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